Listen: Bishop taken to task over anti-Cummings tweet

Listen: Bishop taken to task over anti-Cummings tweet
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What should one expect from a spiritual leader? Knowledge of the scripture? Care for his flock? Or perhaps even a degree of humility? It seems Dr John Inge, the Bishop of Worcester, has added political punditry to his list of holy attributes. (You may remember Inge for previous divine interventions, such as suggesting that a no-deal Brexit would go against Christ's teachings.)

This time, though, it seems Dominic Cummings is the subject of his pious ire. 

Inge was invited on to BBC Radio 4's Today programme to discuss his criticisms. But it seems that all did not go to plan after interviewer Justin Webb asked whether it really was appropriate for bishops to be wading into political controversy. 

From the tone of the interview, it sounds as though Dr Inge hadn't quite considered that question himself...

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