Matthew Dancona

Blog justice

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Over at Guido, they are trying something very Web 2.0: namely, to test possible financial backing for a private prosecution in the loans for honours case. One poster suggests £50 a head, towards a pot of, shall we say, £50,000. Well, you'd need a lot more than that to mount such an action, which rests on very different interpretations of the 1925 and 2000 legislation than those made by the CPS. A couple of silks for a kick-off, I should think, and plenty of other leg-work. But no matter. There's a whiff of something new and interesting there: the suggestion of a legal action organised by a social network, started by a blog. If Howard Dean can raise campaign money this way, then why not citizens keen to correct what they regard as a grotesque injustice? Go and have a look.