Freddy Gray

Blooper reels won’t dethrone Obama

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This compilation of President Obama's gaffes is going viral, as they say.  


Quite amusing. There's something satisfying about seeing that 'President Cool'  isn't such a smooth operator. Obama is good with teleprompters, but he blunders when extemporising. It's mostly forgotten that, in the 2008 debates against Hillary Clinton, he often looked and sounded out of his depth.


Still, it is a bit hysterical — and humourless — for Gary L Bauer to call his video '53 seconds that should end the Obama presidency', in reference to Rick Perry's infamous disaster answer in a debate.


Voters don't really care about presidential bloopers. And is it wise for Republicans to attack the president for verbal clumsiness? Remember, on that front, Obama has nothing on his predecessor: