David Blackburn

Boris’ calculations

Boris' calculations
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There has been some speculation, most of it idle, that Boris Johnson will not stand for re-election as London Mayor in 2012. Speaking to the Today programme about the necessity of protecting the Olympics budget, Boris commented on his putative re-election campaign. He said:

‘If things are still going well I would be totally crackers not to have another go at it then. But I'm going to be making an announcement later on.’

Many would describe his tenure so far as a comedy of inertia. I don’t: Johnson battled hard to shield the City from puerile political indignation at the height of the financial crisis. It showed a seriousness and determination not usually associated with a panel show politician. Boris had, and probably still harbours, prime ministerial ambitions; but in all likelihood the latest flurry of infidelity and paternity suits have curtailed his chances for the moment. Defending London for the Tories mid-term would be no mean feat, and Boris knows that.