James Forsyth

Boris Johnson admitted to hospital for coronavirus tests

Boris Johnson admitted to hospital for coronavirus tests
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Boris Johnson has been admitted to hospital for tests after having a continuous temperature for 10 days since testing positive for coronavirus. Those close to him are keen to stress that he is in for ‘routine checks’ and that this is not an emergency admission, or anything like that. I am told the problem is that the symptoms are persistent and refusing to clear up. They are, I am informed, not getting worse.

Number 10’s official statement tonight stresses that Boris Johnson remains in charge of the government. But someone who has been unwell enough with coronavirus to be admitted to hospital, albeit for tests, will clearly struggle to operate at their normal capacity. This is especially true given how draining coronavirus can be. One close ally of the Prime Minister remarked to me late last week, that if Boris Johnson was doing any other job he would be resting up. The challenge is how to have the time to recuperate, while still trying to handle the national response to this disease.

We now wait to see how long the Prime Minister remains in hospital for. What is certain is that his temperament means that he will want to be out as soon as possible.