Boris Johnson’s football furnishings

Boris Johnson's football furnishings
Boris Johnson
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The Prime Minister has never been much of a football fan. Unlike David Cameron, who could never remember if he supported Aston Villa or West Ham, Boris Johnson has remained resolutely ambivalent on the subject of personal preferences by opting to choose, err, no side in the English Football League.

Tonight Johnson showed his patriotic support by posing delicately on the side of a creaking table to watch the football alongside his newly-married wife Carrie. Mr S could not help but admire the staging of the happy couple, poised melodramatically staring with open mouths at the England-Germany match.

Could the willingness of the Prime Minister and his wife to perch on the (uncomfortable looking) table be at all linked with the cost of refurbishing the Downing Street flat installed, of course, at a cost of £88,000? As Daily Mail political editor Jason Groves commented, 'the Lulu Lytle sofa looks comfy.'

Mr S hopes that the happy couple enjoyed the game as much as he did and that, just like the football, the costs of such a refurbishment are indeed coming home.

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