Boris’s PMQs ‘earpiece’ fake news

Boris's PMQs 'earpiece' fake news
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Was Boris Johnson wearing an earpiece during PMQs? Of course not. But that didn't stop some of those who should know better suggesting otherwise. Former media editor of the Times Raymond Snoddy shared a claim that 'it seems entirely possible the PM is in fact having radio prompts to attempt to make him appear competent'. Stand-up comedian Alastair Barrie also joined in: 'This needs some serious retweeting. Johnson using an earpiece at #PMQs the day after The Telegraph reported he’s taken ‘direct control’,' he wrote. While Labour MP Bill Esterton wrote: 'Suggestions that Johnson had an earpiece in for #PMQs. If he was receiving help, it didn't show.'

Mr S suggests Boris's critics might just have to accept that while they don't like the PM, they should accept that he is able to think on his feet...

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