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Boston Massacre

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Shockingly, Massachusetts, perhaps the most racist state* in the country (well, north of the Mason-Dixon line anyway) votes for the white candidate not the black one. This, apparently, is a massive victory for the Clinton campaign. Some of us are less surprised.

*Well, Boston anyway - a city famously unfriendly to blacks, even those who are rather good at basketball...

UPDATE: A reader reasonably points out that Obama took Boston 53-47. It's the rest of the state that did him in. My apologies for the cheap shot. Meanwhile, Hillary seems to have won 66% of the Hispanic vote in California. This is only a partial endorsement of Clinton. America's race wars are a lessening factor - hapily - but Latinos and blacks do not, it is fair to say, tend to get on very well. Each feels threatened by the other and is also, to some extent, envious of the other ethnic group.

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