Sarah Standing

Breast is barred

Breast is barred
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Truth is indeed often stranger than fiction. It appears Big Brother is not just watching our every move but has also infiltrated our bodies. Speaking to a cranial surgeon over the weekend, I was fascinated to discover that most of our replaced, repaired or “surgically-enhanced” body parts are now bar-coded and given serial numbers - just like supermarket goods or a improbable plot devised by Ira Levin. Jasmine Fiore - the former Playboy model allegedly murdered by her boyfriend Ryan Alexander Jenkins - was recently identified by her breast implants. Her teeth had been forcibly removed, yet this did not deter detectives from their investigation.

For those who strongly object to the government holding DNA records, the writing is on the wall: there is no escape.  Forget the body-snatchers - from now on, all but the uber-healthy amongst us can be simply “swiped”. Serialisation rights have just taken on a whole new meaning.