Brian Cox bans Ed Miliband from using 1997 Labour anthem

Brian Cox bans Ed Miliband from using 1997 Labour anthem
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D:Ream’s Things Can Only Get Better was the song of choice in the Labour campaign that saw Tony Blair win the 1997 general election. Alas, Ed Miliband won't be able to use the tune this time around.

Professor Brian Cox, who played keyboard with the band, before becoming a TV scientist, says in an interview with the Evening Standard that he would not let Labour use the tune in this election.

'I’d probably say no to Labour using the song — there are immense pros and cons to all the parties and I can’t quite see a clear direction. It’s very different now than in ’97. In ’97, it was obvious that everybody supported Blair. But now I think it’s complicated, it’s a muddy political climate. I’m sort of apolitical intentionally, because I’m rather a single-issue person, so it’s definitely not clear-cut.'

Miliband can at least take heart that when the musician-turned-scientist was asked if he preferred Blair or Miliband, the current leader of the Labour party came out on top. 'In 1997, I would have said Tony, but I think Tony made some mistakes. So now I’d say Ed because Tony cocked up,' he says.