Martin Bright

Bright’s Blog: The Comeback

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Apologies that the blog hasn't been as regular as it should have been recently. The Jewish Chronicle has worked me hard in my first few weeks and I have been unable to keep posting as often as I would have liked.

I have now decided to blog at regular times during the week. 

I therefore intend to begin the week with a political round-up after the Sunday papers. I will post again on Tuesday and Thursday with updates on the crisis on the left as I perceive it. I reserve the right to comment on other aspects of politics (or indeed other matters) around those fixed points.

I look forward, as ever, to reading your views.

Meanwhile, you might be interested to read my latest articles for the JC. This week I covered the Labour Party's planned charm offensive towards the Jews, the spat between the Spectator's Melanie Phillips and anti-Islamist campaigner Ed Husain and the growing concern in Whitehall over the ideology of its Muslim advisers.