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Britain votes for Brexit

Britain votes for Brexit
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The final results are in: Britain has voted to leave the European Union. Scroll down for our full coverage from throughout the night. And join us on our daytime live blog  where the Prime Minister has announced his decision to step down.


Leave 52%, Remain 48% with 382/382. Turnout 72.2%

Remain: 16,141,241;  Leave: 17,410,742

    • Britain has voted to leave the European Union.
    • The pound has plunged heavily, as the markets react to Brexit.
    • Wales has voted Leave, with 18 of its 22 authorities having declared.
    • Scotland has voted Remain by a margin of 62 per cent to 38 per cent, with all 32 council areas voting to stay in the EU.
    • Turnout in the referendum was 72.2 per cent - the highest since the 1992 election.
    • 84 Tory MPs - including Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and all the Cabinet Brexiteers - have signed a letter saying that David Cameron must stay on as PM whatever the result.
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