David Blackburn

Brown agrees in principle to TV election debate

Brown agrees in principle to TV election debate
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Despite trying to turn Adam Boulton to stone on Tuesday night, Gordon Brown has agreed in principle to appearing on the Sky election debate. It's long been suspected that he would agree to participate, today merely confirms the rumour. If the debate goes ahead, it would represent a huge change in British electoral procedure. Mr Brown deserves credit for contributing to that change. Why he did not choose to announce this positive move, illustrating that he's prepared to take the fight to Cameron and Clegg, in his conference speech defies belief and speaks volumes about his political courage and instincts.

As ever, Brown's appearance is subject to certain as yet undefined caveats and conditions and the party leaders will have to agree a format - perhaps all debates will have to be held in Kirkcaldy...? I wonder who Coffee Housers think the party leaders will appoint as chairman? My bet is Frosty - a world famous interviewer who has been disengaged from popular political debate in this country for some time.