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Brown does cool. Fails

Brown does cool. Fails
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As it’s Friday, here’s some entertainment – the interview Gordon Brown gave to Radio One’s Newsbeat last year (newly added to YouTube). The interviewer, Rajini Vaidyanathan, specialises in leftfield questions and often gets hilarious results. After asking if he was a “grumpy, dour backstabber” (he was prepared for that one) she asked the then Chancellor where he would take her on a date. What film would they watch? United 93, he said. Not very romantic, she replied. He tried again: Hotel Rwanda. And his music? He likes “mod..moder…moder…modern groups” Here is a wee transcript (forward to 1’40):

Rajini Vaidyanathan: Let’s pretend I’m on a political dinner date with you. Would you cook or would you take us out?

Gordon Brown: Of course, I’d take you out.

RV: Where would we go? What sort of food?

GB: Well, you would choose I think where you wanted to go. Ha ha. I think we we’d obviously go to s-s-s-some good restaurant. We might get a film, we might…. I love films. We might go to a concert, I like music.

RV: Let’s stay with the film thing then. What sort of films have you seen recently – what would you take me to see?

GB: I’ve seen eh, quite a few films you see. The last one I think I saw was United 93, which was about September 11th.

RV: …bit serious, isn’t it? Anything more…

GB: I was…it was…it was a bit serious. I was watching on a plane Hotel Rwanda which is also a very se-se-se-serious film. But I like comedies. I like all sorts of things that I can see. I like watching television. I like watching everything from – heh heh heh – Law & Order to the X Factor to everything else.

RV: When was the last time you cried watching a film?

GB: I actually think Hotel Rwanda was a, was a very moving film. And, um, so was United 93, because I think you talk about the last few weeks – and I think these films I saw were very moving indeed.

RV: If you were going to take me to a gig – there’s been much publicity about you being a fan of the Arctic Monkeys. Are you really? And if not tell us who you do like?

GB: I didn’t actually say that. What I said was ‘the Arctic Monkeys would wake you up in the morning because of the noise’. And I….

RV: You haven’t actually got the album

GB: I have got the album actually, because you know, I’ve heard it, I listen to it. But.. but equally I start with the Beatles, but also interested in mod..moder…moder…modern groups. Col-coldplay, the bass guitarist from Coldplay comes as the same town as me Kirkcaldy so I like hearing them as well.

RV: Thank-you.

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