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Brown does the Time Warp again

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For those who missed Rory Bremner doing an impersonation of Gordon Brown's dancing on YouTube, the Prime Minister has just done a repeat version during his atrocious speech in Blackpool. You wonder if he has been watching aerobics videos, instead of "how to improve your diction" videos. It was all hands up, then hands down. He did a jump to the left, then a step to the right. It was a Prime Ministerial version of the timewarp, and it made you dizzy watching it.

Except, who will have watched it? I did: I'm paid to. But Brown's problem is that when he shows his coupon on television people reach for the remote. The nation has stopped listening to him.  It was choc full of his moralising: "never stop believing," and his sign-off, "never stop believing that we can win." But, I wonder, how many people at the GMB annual confrerence in Blackpool had started to believe that Brown can win Labour a fourth term? Only one.

And here is the proper Bremner impersonation of his notorious YouTube dance below:

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