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Brown doesn’t want it to rain on his parade

Brown doesn't want it to rain on his parade
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Gordon's response to the floods shows that his political antennae are twitching ferociously in spite of the overall strength of his political position this weekend. If the car-bomb plot was his mini-9/11, this crisis threatens to be the new Prime Minister's mini-Katrina. And he's not going to repeat the errors made by Bush - who famously told the soon-to-be-ex-head of FEMA, Gordon's near-namesake, Michael Brown, that he was doing "a heck of a job". Already, the PM is making dark noises about the failure of the Highways Agency and Environment Agency to liaise properly. Meanwhile, Dave has tried to dust off the disappointment of last week's Ealing by-election, by attacking the Government for its failures of preparation. A big political punch-up could follow - weather permitting.