Martin Bright

Brown Must Manage the Next Twelve Days With Dignity

Brown Must Manage the Next Twelve Days With Dignity
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Let's not forget that the Labour Party should not have been able to lose this election. I am still convinced that Cameron came to the Tory leadership with a two-election strategy. The swing needed to win a clear majority was always huge. Part of the reason that the party leadership has found it so difficult to retain the lead in the polls is that they could never quite belive their luck at the collapse of Labour support. 

Likewise, the Lib Dem surge has happened partly because no one is quite convinced that the Tories are ready for government.

But the real story of the next week and a half will be how Gordon Brown deals with the draining away of Labour support. Over the weekend, we are told there has been a shift in tactics, to stop Gordon Brown making so many stage-managed appearances with hand-picked members of the public. I remember a similar issue with William Hague's 2001 campaign. 

The Tories have had to endure three elections where defeat was inevitable. The bizarre nature of this election means that nothing is inevitable. But Brown will trail in the polls until election day, perhaps even in third place. In such circumstances it is essential that he conducts himself with dignity until May 6. I believe he has the capacity to do this. There is every evidence that he will. His performances in the debates have been solid enough. But it will be unbelievably tough for such a proud individual.