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Brown’s first PMQs

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A packed house and full of entertainment. Ming Campbell spent ages trying to make his way to his seat: people didn't seem to notice him. Brown was wearing a pastel blue tie, Cameron a red one - just one sign of the switched agendas going on.

Brown is still being cautious on terror "I've only been in this job five days" he said. The House let out a horse laugh to that, and soon people were shouting "ten years" when he asked for patience.  Brown's been doing his homework and teased Cameron over Pauline Neville Jones, the new Tory security adviser, being in favour of ID cards. Cameron's response, an old quote from the Chancellor Alistair Darling saying he didn't want his life reduced to a metal strip, was classic.

John Reid is finding life on neck benches tough, and stood up to answer an earlier Tory question. The House wouldn't have it, and the speaker sympathetically asked Reid to hurry up. Quentin Letts will have fun with that tomorrow.

The best line was Ming Campbell’s:

Brown: "my door is always open”

Ming: “that door is a trap door.” 

He beamed afterwards, as if to say "look! I did that! "

Lots of references to Brown being a Scot. He doesn't like that a bit. Which is too bad, because something tells me, they’re just warming up.

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