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Brown’s plans

Brown's plans
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Kevin Maguire, who is extremely well connected within the Brown circle, has an interesting little item about what Gordon Brown might do once the electorate, or the Labour party, have given him his marching orders:

“Academia may not be Brown’s sole destination, whenever he departs No 10. The Talibrown speculate about the Lords. John Major and Tony Blair gave the rest home a miss, avoiding the need to register lucrative interests. But a Lord Brown of Kirkcaldy lecturing on economics for a living would have no huge earners to hide. I note Brown’s never supported a wholly elected upper chamber, voting to retain a fifth of seats for the great and, perhaps, the Gord.”

There is also an interesting suggestion in James Macintrye’s political column that Brown might hold a referendum on Scottish independence on the same day as the general election. Despite the fact this is probably being designed to hold down the SNP vote, it will be a considerable help to the Tories if they form a government. With the Union having been reaffirmed, it will be far harder for the SNP to try and claim that a Tory government without a significant presence in Scotland is illegitimate.

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