James Forsyth

Building a yellow-beating strategy

Building a yellow-beating strategy
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If the Tories are to win an overall majority at the next election, they are almost certainly going to have to take some seats off the Liberal Democrats. Given that the Tories have problems in Scotland and the urban north, the party needs to win seats like Somerton and Frome. 

This fact is why Tory MPs are paying such attention to a piece by Rob Hayward on Conservative Home. Hayward, a former Tory MP who has advised the party on the coming boundary review, points out that where the Lib Dems had an MP, their vote in the local elections pretty much held up. 

This implies that removing Lib Dem MPs at the next election will be harder work than many Tories think. Over the next few years, the Tories will need to come up with a strategy for knocking over incumbent Lib Dem MPs.