Rod Liddle

Bullying in No.10? Grow up...

Bullying in No.10? Grow up...
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Look, I know a good many of you lot would clutch at anything if it helped defeat Gordon Brown at the next election, and I understand and respect that point of view. But come on, be honest - bullying? Accusing the Prime Minister of bullying? I suppose the best that one could argue, from a rightish perspective, is that Brown has reaped what Labour has sown: a nation of whining ninnies, ever so sure of their rights, perpetually convinced that they are victims. But even that’s stretching it, because you won’t find anyone more singularly opposed to bullying than Cameron, nor more likely to stick up for the rights of those who claim that they have been bullied. But I would ask you what you think would have happened if Winston Churchill had been accused of bullying.

It’s very fashionable, this anti-bullying stuff, and you can probably expect Cameron to be wearing one of those wristbands which kids wear to show solidarity against bullying. They were very popular at my son’s last school and it was a mark of pride for bullies to wear as many as possible on their wrists, having smacked about the other kids to get them.

I don’t suppose it will happen, but wouldn’t it be rather wonderful if Gordon Brown said, frankly, I think too much is made of this bullying nonsense and it’s time we grew up a bit.