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Cable, Cameron and speaking out in public

Cable, Cameron and speaking out in public
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For the foreseeable, Vince Cable is going to be a political barometer figure: journalists and other innocent bystanders will sift through everything he says to check the temperature of the LibCon coalition. In which case, they'll find little to excite or worry them in his cool interview with the Newcastle Journal today. The Business Secretary says all the right things about staying his role for the full five years ("that's my intention, yes") and about the internal dealings of the coalition ("it works in a very business like way"), even if he does quash the idea of a full merger between the two parties. It's all unsurprising, uncontroversial stuff.

Indeed, the passage which most caught my eye is when Cable claims that there is "no friction" between him and Downing St over an immigration cap, after his comments on the matter last week.  As he puts it:

"The point I have been making, and very much with David Cameron's support, is that the way it is implemented has got to flexible. And it has got to take account of the needs of business."

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