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Calling on CoffeeHousers

Calling on CoffeeHousers
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You know the score by now - Alistair Darling's Budget statement will barely represent what's actually in the Budget.  Even the Red Book itself will try to hide all the Brownian ruses and deceits, great and small, in the fine print and appendices.  Here at Coffee House, we'll be doing our best to catch the Government out, but we'd appreciate any insights that CoffeeHousers can proffer. The Budget will be available to download from here once Darling's made his address, so - if you have the time and inclination - please do flick through it and let us know in the comments section to this thread if you've spotted any sneaky details.

Stay tuned to Coffee House for wall-to-wall coverage.  I'll be live blogging PMQs in about 5 minutes, followed by a Coffee House live blog of Darling's statement, and then post-match analysis from a range of Westminster insiders, including David Davis and Frank Field.  Right, now for another cup of coffee, and Brown vs Cameron...