James Forsyth

Cameron denounces Labour’s “lies”

Cameron denounces Labour's "lies"
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David Cameron’s press conference this morning was ticking along rather uneventfully until James Landale asked Cameron a question that set the Tory leader off on one about, what he called, "Labour’s complete and utter lies."

Cameron had started off by talking about how pleased he was that we going to be a father again, letting slip that he and Samantha had been trying for another baby for a while, and with some remarks on the lobbying scandal and the Budget. There had been questions on Ashcroft and cuts but nothing had really got going. Then, James asked Cameron about a Lib Dem plan to scrap the winter fuel allowance for pensioners under 65. At this point, Cameron’s whole demeanour changed. He stood with his legs apart, stared straight ahead and denounced as “lies” Labour claims that the Tories would scrap the winter fuel allowance, free TV licenses and free bus travel for pensioners. Not satisfied with that, Cameron went on to denounce the Labour politicians responsible as “appalling people”

This is the second flash of genuine anger we have had from Cameron in recent weeks. The first, came at PMQ when Labour backbenchers heckled that the former military men who were criticising Brown’s record on defence were ‘Tories.’ Personally, I’m in favour of Cameron letting his anger show. It is authentic and what he gets cross about is what we should get cross about — generals' patriotism being impugned, lies being told for political advantage and the like.