Peter Hoskin

Cameron has won the 1922 Committee vote...

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Comments 168 to 118 votes, according to Paul Waugh.  Comfortable, but not comfortable enough to suggest that there won't be a strong core of resentment to this change.

UPDATE: This could rumble on. Here's the latest from PoliticsHome:

A number of MPs, headed by the previous 1922 secretary Christopher Chope, are planning to challenge the surprisingly close result, and have not ruled out legal action.

They point out that:

1. The difference between the winners and losers is more than bridged by members of the government (who they point out are not entitled to vote according to the current rules of the committee).

2. There were 23 proxy votes (where MPs were unable to attend and asked whips to vote for them), 15 of whom were government members. According to the current rules of the 1922 Committee, proxy votes are not permitted.