Fraser Nelson

Cameron will walk the line

Cameron will walk the line
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"Don't fall for it, Dave!" implores the front cover of this week's The Spectator - together with a leader (precis here) urging him to form a minority government rather than enter any pact with the LibDems. It looks like he will not disappoint us. The Telegraph today discloses that:

'Even if he fails to secure an outright majority, it is understood Mr Cameron is preparing to “go it alone” and form a minority government. The Tories are confident an informal understanding with unionist MPs from Ulster could secure Mr Cameron a safe passage with his key early Commons battles, including getting a first Queen’s Speech and Budget passed. Last night, the Conservative leader said that, with three days before polling day, the momentum was now with him.'

So Cameron intends to safeguard and implement the agenda he has laid out in his manifesto, rather than barter his principles away with the LibDems. This is precisely what I expect from Cameron: to take the more dangerous, but correct, path. It is the surest route to long-term political success. Even if he fails to win a majority, he'll make as fast progress as he can on his own terms. And then, if necessary, he should go back to the country and ask for a proper majority.

Even if the path narrows to a tightrope, it seems Cameron will walk the line of Conservatism rather than be tempted to fall into the safety net of the LibDems - to use the analogy by James Bennett, who made his debut cover for us this week. For those with an interest in such things, his first sketch is above.