James Forsyth

Cameron would intensify No. 10’s spin operation

Cameron would intensify No. 10's spin operation
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One already hears grumblings from members of the Shadow Cabinet about how much power has been concentrated in Norman Shaw South, the suite of offices where Cameron and Osborne and their teams sit in Parliament. But judging by a report in The Times today the leadership is thinking about centralising power even more when in office. Jill Sherman writes that:

'Cabinet ministers have traditionally had two special advisers with another 25 in Downing Street. But Mr Maude is said to be thinking of giving ministers one each, supplemented by a separate pool of advisers, who would be based at No 10.

Only advisers from the central pool would be authorised to speak to the media, “spinning” policy proposals and giving David Cameron control over the message going out to voters.'

If this did happen, it would give Downing Street unprecedented levels of control. I would expect certain members of the Shadow Cabinet to bristle at this development.