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Can Hillary hold the Alamo?

Can Hillary hold the Alamo?
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Austin, Texas

Tuesday’s contests will decide whether the Democratic primary contest continues or not. If Obama wins both Texas and Ohio then it will be impossible for Hillary Clinton to continue. While if Hillary wins both Texas and Ohio then she will have a new lease of life, she would still be the underdog but she would have earned the right to stay in the race until at least  Pennsylvania on April 22nd. 

For Hillary the minimum she needs to do to credibly carry on is to triumph in Ohio, where she currently leads in the poll, and the popular vote in Texas, where she trails narrowly according to the latest numbers. If she loses delegate-wise in Texas because of the caucus element having won the ballot earlier in the day, she’ll be able to argue that caucuses--which have given Obama a string of victories--unfairly disenfranchise her supporters who can not afford to take an hour out of their day to participate in these events.

Tomorrow, Clinton and Obama go head to head in Texas with both stumping across the state in an attempt to gain a last minute advantage. Hilary has conceded that she has to win here. It is telling, though, that she plans to be in Ohio not Texas on election night.

Much more on the race in Texas over on Americano.

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James Forsyth is Political Editor of the Spectator. He is also a columnist in The Sun.

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