Caroline Flint puts the boot in over Diane Abbott’s ‘Brexit flu’

Caroline Flint puts the boot in over Diane Abbott's 'Brexit flu'
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After Diane Abbott missed the Article 50 vote thanks to ‘a migraine’, her comrade John Mann accused the shadow home secretary of ‘bottling it’ over Brexit. Since then, a #PrayForDiane email has been doing the rounds among Labour MPs.

In a further sign that Abbott's claims of suffering are not being taken entirely seriously by her party, Caroline Flint has just put the boot in on Peston on Sunday. The Labour MP suggested Abbott's migraine was really a case of 'Brexit flu':

‘We used to have man flu, now we have Brexit flu - that Diane has created here.'

Flint went on to say that Abbott ought to resign if she can't support Corbyn on Article 50. Tomorrow's PLP meeting should be lively...

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