Cathy Newman brings the house down on Jordan Peterson’s UK tour

Cathy Newman brings the house down on Jordan Peterson's UK tour
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Watch out, people. Jordan Peterson is back in Britain – this time on his 12 Rules for Life speaking tour. Given the controversy he stirred up last time, it's almost a marvel the Home Office let him back into the country. His first stop was a packed Hammersmith Apollo last night, where security was high and fans greeted the Canadian psychologist's appearance like the second coming.

One of Mr S's spies went along to see what the fuss was all about and says one of the biggest laughs of the night went to Dave Rubin:

The libertarian YouTube star introduced Peterson on stage, and poked a little fun at Cathy Newman for her infamous Channel 4 interview with Jordan Peterson.

I should tell you guys, though, that I was actually not Jordan's first choice to open for him on the tour. Obviously, that was Cathy Newman... he actually emailed her a couple of weeks ago when they were setting this whole thing up.

He emailed her, he said, 'Cathy, you know, I'm going on a tour. I know we had that little episode but... I'd love you to come and open for me.'

She wrote back and she said: 'So you're saying, you want to sleep with me.'

Mr S suspects the comments won't be of such amusement to Newman's supporters. Mind you, it was a little quieter when Rubin told the audience that he imagined they were always 'one click away from porn' when watching his videos online.

'I always feel like there's another tab open and it's like, oh, you know I'm watching Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin but there's a much better threesome right over here... I can tell by your laugh that that's actually true!'

The mostly young, male audience seemed to shift uncomfortably in their seats.

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