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CB Fry’s XI

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After Armstrong, Benaud, Constantine, Dexter and Edrich it must be time for a bit of Fry.

1. Roy Fredericks (WI)

2. Jack Fingleton (AUS)

3. CB Fry (ENG) (Capt)

4. Tip Foster (ENG)

5. Andy Flower (ZIM)

6. Aubrey Faulkner (SA)

7. Andrew Flintoff (ENG)

8. Frank Foster (ENG)

9. Bruce French (ENG) (Wkt)

10. Arthur Fielder (ENG) Fazal Mahmood (PAK)

11. Tich Freeman (ENG)

If some teams are a chore to select, others are a pleasure. This is one such delightful XI.There are names to conjour with aplenty: Fry, Faulkner, the (unrelated) Fosters, Freeman... And names one wishes to have been able to include too such as Percy Fender or Chuck Fleetwood-Smith. But there can only be XI and these are they.

UPDATED: Commenter Tommy T has persuaded me that I boobed in omitting Fazal Mahmood, Pakistan's first great quick bowler.

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