Change UK changes name again

Change UK changes name again
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You might think that things couldn't get any worse for the group of breakaway MPs, Change UK. First, the group was widely mocked for its poor branding and confusing name-change soon after its launch. Then, it had a disastrous showing in the European elections. And finally, earlier this month the party split and half of its MPs defected, leaving ex-Tory Anna Soubry in charge.

But unfortunately, it appears that things are still going downhill for the ragtag bunch.

When the group of MPs first changed its name to Change UK from the Independent Group, it was quickly pointed out that the petition website,, might not be happy with the similar branding. Sure enough, the petition site soon launched legal proceedings against the MPs, which now seems to have been successful.

In a press release this afternoon, Change UK has revealed that it is now 'legally obliged' to change its name once again, and has applied to the Electoral Commission to become 'The Independent Group for Change' instead:

This now means the group has had at least four names (the Independent Group, Change UK, Change UK - The Independent Group, and The Independent Group for Change) since it was launched in February 2019. You couldn't make it up...

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