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Charm City Cricket

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Accounts of cricket in the United States are always endearing, generally on account of the enthusiasm of the converts to the greatest game and the manner in which the poor old journalist charged with scribbling this account labours to explain the game to a generally uncomprehending audience. This piece from the Baltimore Sun about a school in Charm City that has taken up cricket, is an excellent example. Best bit?

A former pitcher, Cardinal Gibbons senior Will Foy says the national pastime simply can't compare with the age-old sport of cricket.

"It's pretty much baseball, minus the boring parts," he said.

Despite its mainstream popularity in dozens of countries, cricket in the U.S. is largely viewed as a relic. More than a century after giving way to its American-born cousin, however, the sport is making a bit of a comeback, with Gibbons students such as Foy hoping to lead the way.

"There are a lot of people who might say: 'Oh, that sport is weird. ... I'm not interested.' But once they see it, they love it," Gibbons senior Justin Bruchey said.

Damn straight.

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