Luke McShane

no. 580

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Dubov-Svane, White to play. Later in the event, Dubov played another masterpiece, sacrificing a rook to reach this extraordinary position. It takes one more delicate sacrifice to conclude the attack. Which one? Answers to ‘Chess’ at The Spectator by Tuesday 19 November or via email to There is a prize of £20 for the first correct answer out of a hat. Please include a postal address and allow six weeks for prize delivery.

Last week’s solution 1…Rxe6! wins (2 Qxe6 Nf2+ 3 Kg1 Rxg2+ 4 Kf1 Rg1+ 5 Kxf2 Qg2 is mate)

Last week’s winner Dave Forbes, Ellon, Aberdeenshire