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Christmas Scandal: Bute House Edition

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Why do so many people hate politics? Partly because politicians insist upon making everything a matter of wearying, partisan, sillyness. Take this painting for instance. Hardly a masterpiece, not least because the young girl looks as though she knows she's marching off to doom and that is the consequence of yet another episode of national folly. But, still, it's just a picture and, in the end, only a Christmas card. But it's Alex Salmond's official Christmas card and so, natch, a matter for bickering and seasonal tomfoolery.

As the Scotsman, which oddly now seems to consider the Cross of St Andrew a piece of "nationalist iconography" that, presumably, therefore belongs to the SNP and the nationalists alone, "reports":

David McLetchie MSP, Scottish Conservative chief whip, said: "Alex Salmond is trying to politicise Christmas, having already attempted to politicise the Saltire, Scotland's national days and our children's education. His obsession with independence is blinding him to reality.

"He should get on with what he was elected to do, which is improving our schools and hospitals, and ditch these separatist stunts. For the overwhelming majority of Scots Alex Salmond's so-called 'journey to independence' is a road to nowhere."

...Liberal Democrat chief whip Mike Rumbles said: "I'm sure people would be more impressed if the First Minister had thought about the message of Christmas rather than spent time picking out the most nationalistic Christmas card he could find.

"Everybody knows that the SNP are only interested in independence – the First Minister doesn't need to stick it on his Christmas cards too." I can never remember exactly when Jesus wept but, seasonal or not, this is the only sensible response to this sort of absurdity. Then again, the bigger problem is that if these people did address the more important things there's no telling how much damage they might do...

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