Chuka’s Lib Dem comments come back to haunt him

Chuka's Lib Dem comments come back to haunt him
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For the past week they've been exchanging side-glances, passing on compliments, and making excuses to spend time together. Now they've made it official. Yes, late last night Chuka Umunna finally made his move and joined the Lib Dems.

In an interview with the Times announcing the new relationship, the former Labour MP revealed that he was 'really grateful to Vince' Cable for keeping the door wide open for him to join, and had been made 'to feel incredibly welcome' by his new party.

It will be the fourth move this year for Umunna (who started 2019 as a Labour MP, before defecting to the Independent Group, founding Change UK, defecting from the group in June, and now joining the Liberal Democrats), so perhaps the Streatham MP can be forgiven for feeling, like the rest of us, a little disorientated.

Which may explain why, rather awkwardly, Chuka forgot to clear out his past social media accounts before he joined his latest party. So while Vince said last night that Chuka was a 'formidable, serious political figure', Chuka is on record as saying:

Oops. It looks like the Lib Dem / Chuka alliance may already be off to a bad start.

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