Clive Lewis: Let’s have a referendum on the monarchy

Clive Lewis: Let's have a referendum on the monarchy
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Flailing leadership hopeful Clive Lewis has weighed in on the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle debacle, telling those at his campaign launch this morning that Britain needs another referendum - this time on the existence of the monarchy. Unsatisfied with the degree of discord sown in the wake of 2016, Lewis has decided that we need another national bust-up (never mind the fact that monarchists outnumber republicans by nearly three to one). After criticising the 'racist' British media for their reporting on Meghan, Lewis told the assembled room of reporters:

'One of the things I always talk about is democracy. I'm known for liking the odd referendum, a second referendum for Europe, I'm not opposed to a second independence referendum for Scotland, so why not have a referendum in this country on the future of the royal family? We're a democracy.

Sadly for us weary voters, Clive is trailing in the Labour leadership race. With just three MPs backing him out of the 21 needed to see him through to the next round, it seems unlikely that the Norwich MP will ever be able to realise his fantasy of a Disunited Republic of Great Britain. Democracy truly is a wonderful thing.

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