CNN’s COP capital confusion

CNN's COP capital confusion
Wolf Blitzer poses in front of Edinburgh Castle
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American network CNN appears to be bringing the same rigour and insight to COP26 that it displayed throughout the Trump administration. The broadcasters rocked up to the UN climate change summit in Scotland this weekend, brimming with their usual brio and bumptiousness at the chance to cover Biden, Boris et al rubbing shoulders. There's only one problem – their staff do not appear to know which city they are actually in.

Celebrated CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer fired off a beaming photo of himself this morning, grinning in front of Edinburgh Castle with the caption 'I'm now reporting from Edinburgh in Scotland where 20,000 world leaders and delegates have gathered.' Unfortunately COP26 is not actually happening in Edinburgh but rather Glasgow – some 40 miles away.

Predictably Scots from the two cities have not taken kindly to being lumped together by the septuagenarian newshound, given the historic rivalry between Glaswegians and their Edinburgh counterparts. Social media users have delighted in bombarding Blitzer with mislabelled pictures of various world heritage sites, given his apparent ignorance about the city on which he is supposed to be reporting.

Then again, given the lack of rooms in Glasgow, perhaps Edinburgh was the closest they could get.

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