Tom Goodenough

Coffee House Shots: Labour conference’s uneasy peace

Coffee House Shots: Labour conference's uneasy peace
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Labour's conference is well underway but the mood so far is far from lively. Rather than rallying around their newly re-elected leader, for many who have gathered at the party's annual conference the atmosphere is somewhat gloomy. So whilst Jeremy Corbyn promised to 'wipe the slate clean' following his re-election, can the Labour party learn to forgive and forget? Isabel Hardman says on this Coffee House Shots episode that so far an uneasy peace is prevailing. But only just...:

'I was sort of expecting it to be this bitter bunfight where people were shouting at each other and that hasn't happened so far. But we've only had one night where people have all been drinking together and already people are starting to criticise the Labour leader.'

And Katy Balls, who joins Isabel on the podcast, says the cracks are already starting to show:

'Although MPs had been saying they believe Jeremy Corbyn could become Prime Minister, it was a slightly different picture at the Progress Rally last night. We had Tristram Hunt go on stage and really lay into Jeremy Corbyn and his regime. He criticised Jeremy for a number of things, including his approach to Syria and Putin.'

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