Martin Bright

Commentariat v Bloggertariat event

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Really interesting debate on who is winning the Blog/Comment War last night at Edelman HQ in Victoria Street. I tried to argue that they are part of the same continuum. I have never seen them as particularly antagonistic.  I suggested that we are yet to see a "classic" or "great" blog posting in the way that you have memorable comment pieces that stay with you for life. Peter Beaumont's Observer piece about Iran at the weekend is one such article.

There has been some good discussion of the debate at and Mark Reckons. Mark (a Lib Dem blogger) has challenged my assertion that there are no classic blog posts and given some examples. Iain Dale, a lively panel member, has blogged about it as one might hope. And there is also a sophisticated take from Chris Applegate at We Are Social.

All in all it was probably more entertaining than enlightening. But at least it was that. In the end I feel that the main difference between blogs and newpaper comment is the reading experience. But that could well be a sign of age rather than a meaningful distinction.