Peter Hoskin

Compare and contrast | 7 January 2010

Compare and contrast | 7 January 2010
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After June's rebellion, it's thought that Brown made a promise to his Cabinet colleagues:

"...that cabinet ministers such as Alistair Darling will not again find themselves briefed against. There was deep anger in cabinet when Darling found himself being referred to in the past tense by Brown earlier in the week."

But in today's Guardian:

"The Downing Street spin machine knew something bad was afoot on Tuesday, but did not know precisely what was coming. So like any good media management operation, they tried to flush out enemies by briefing that Tessa Jowell, the Cabinet Office minister, was set to quit."

If I were Jowell - and if that's what went on - then it's the kind of thing I'd resign over.  But I'm not, and I suspect she won't.