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Conservative party conference, day one: The Spectator guide | 1 October 2017

Conservative party conference, day one: The Spectator guide | 1 October 2017
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The Conservative party conference is underway. In the days after the doomed snap election, Theresa May didn't look as though she would make it this far. But the Prime Minister has clung on. Here are the highlights to look out for on day one:

Party conference:

10.30 - 12.30: Meeting of the National Conservative Convention. Alexandra Suite, Midland Hotel 

14.00 - 14.50: Welcome to Conference: Conference Chairman; Conservative Party Chairman; First Secretary of State

14.50 - 15.45Delivering a fairer future for young people: Secretary of State for Education; Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

15.45 - 16.20: Strengthening the Union between all our citizens: Leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party; Secretary of State for Northern Ireland; Leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly

16.30 - 17.30: Meet the Chairman Exchange Auditorium. For Party Members only

Fringe events:

12.45pm: Waugh Zone Live: David Gauke Manchester Central : Exchange 4-5 combined

12.45pm: Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party Fringe. Manchester Central : Exchange 10. Speaker: Ruth Davidson

4pm: How to reform the Conservative Party. Manchester Central : ConservativeHome Marquee. Speakers: Graham Brady, Chairman of the 1922 Committee; Paul Goodman

5.45pm: Britain’s productivity problem: Solving the puzzle for low-paid jobs. Midland Hotel : Trafford Room. Speakers: Iain Duncan Smith; Philip Hammond

5.45pm: Conservative Friends of Cyprus 25th Anniversary Reception. Midland Hotel : The Tea Room. Speaker: Boris Johnson

5.45pm: Britain in the World: The future of UK trade policy. Midland Hotel : Alexandra A. Speaker: David Davis

6pm: ConservativeHome In Conversation: Liam Fox, with Iain Dale Manchester Central : ConservativeHome Marquee.

6pm: What sort of Brexit does the Conservative party want? Manchester Central: Central 5. Speaker: Jacob Rees-Mogg

7.30pm: Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party Reception Manchester Central : Exchange 9. Speaker: Ruth Davidson

9.30pm: Drink Tank Midland Hotel : Stanley Suite. Speakers: Philip Hammond (invited); Jeremy Hunt