Rod Liddle

Corbyn’s limited ‘respect’ for press freedom

Corbyn's limited 'respect' for press freedom
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A stirring defence of press freedom from Jeremy Corbyn at his party’s manifesto launch. Urging the booing Momentum authoritarians to have 'respect' for the press, Jezza commented: 'We also recognise that in many societies around the world very brave journalists have lost their lives or are assassinated because they have uncovered the truth about brutal regimes and abuses of human rights. Journalists and journalism and free journalism and free press are intrinsic to a democracy and a free society. I fully understand that.'

Excellent. Corbyn then allowed precisely two questions from the print media about his manifesto. One of them being from the Daily Mirror. The other from some desolate hack from the Morning Star – who asked what could be done to curb the bias of the press.