Countdown to Tory conference, sponsored by a People’s Vote

Countdown to Tory conference, sponsored by a People's Vote
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The Conservative party may have improved its use of social media in recent years, ditching the staid pictures of Cabinet ministers at party conference for cheerful images of young activists and campaigners, but it appears that it still might be struggling when it comes to marketing its events.

This week, in an Instagram post counting the days down to Conservative conference, the party released a chirpy photograph from last year's event, of a young man smiling, stamped with the message 'Get Brexit done'. Perfect branding some might think.

Rather unfortunately though for the Conservative party press team, it appears that the man photographed was actually Amatey Doku, a Vice President of the National Union of Students, who was not quite on board with the party's Brexiteer slogan.

Doku later tweeted pointing out that he didn't want his image to be used, and he did 'not want to get Brexit done, I want a People's Vote and to remain.' The student delegate also added that:

'I was at Tory party conference last year in my capacity as VP of NUS. Despite this photo apparently capturing a brief moment of levity, I have never felt more out of place in my entire life.'


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