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Cruddas on Cameron’s progress

Cruddas on Cameron's progress
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Tory sallies into Labour territory on fairness and progress, two words that the left have long taken for granted as their own, are beginning to worry folk in the Labour party if Jon Cruddas’s interview in The Independent is anything to go by. Cruddas, who was at the launch of Phillip Blond’s Progressive Conservatism Project, says:  

"It is very, very sophisticated, very worrying for us," he said. "It is not just about policy but language. We [Labour] still have a one-dimensional take on Cameron. I think Cameron is doing well.”

Cruddas confirms that the mood in the Parliamentary Labour Party is increasingly grim:

"People were wildly optimistic before Christmas; they are wildly pessimistic now".

It’ll be fascinating to see how much of this worry and unhappiness seeps into the coverage in the coming weeks.

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James Forsyth is Political Editor of the Spectator. He is also a columnist in The Sun.

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