Fraser Nelson

Darling socks it to Balls

Darling socks it to Balls
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The election is six days away, Labour civil war is seven days away. And Alistair Darling has today delivered a rather nice put-down to Ed Balls for BBC Campaign Straight Talk. Here is his conversation earlier today with Andrew Neil:

Andrew Neil: Has Mr Brown given you any indication that you’d stay as Chancellor if he wins?

Alistair Darling: Yes he has, and I would.

AN: You would?

AD: Yes.

AN: And you’d be happy to do so?

AD: Very happy.

AN: So Ed Balls should not be packing his bags to move into Number 11?

AD: I don’t think Ed has got any intention of doing that.

AN: Well he did it once, but he had to unpack them again.

AD: There’s nothing wrong with having ambition.