David Cameron attacks ‘career psychopath’ Dominic Cummings

David Cameron attacks ‘career psychopath’ Dominic Cummings
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There must be an election in the offing because the PM was out and about last night looking for a manifesto. He addressed Policy Exchange’s (PX) annual summer bash in Westminster College Gardens. It was a gag a minute. He cracked rotten jokes about pig semen, and claimed that he was one of the founders of PX — adding that he only sat around eating pizza while the brainboxes came up with ideas which he then stole. How the people stared.

He thanked Policy Exchange for providing his government with most of its backroom brains and spinners. Comedy Dave joked the path from 'policy wonk, to special advisor, to career psychopath’ was well trodden — an attack on Gove’s ex-advisor Dominic Cummings no doubt — before quickly pointing out Cummings hadn’t even been a PX man. Then he began to heap praise on Cummings’s old boss, the ‘brilliant’ and ‘radical’ Michael Gove (another PX founder), which points to the Education Secretary’s rehabilitation after recent storms and rows.

Dave’s speech didn’t go well in all corners. When the PM reached his rabble-rousing bit about tackling extremism, boos mysteriously echoed across the cloisters. Some of the boys from Westminster School didn’t approve of his hard line stance and made their views known out of the dormitory windows. Thankfully, the PX crowd rallied behind our great leader and drowned them out with cheers.

Mr S is old enough to remember the days when you got champagne at this sort of shin-dig. Dave was busy telling the crowd that the economy’s recovering. Surely the Tories can end their ridiculous bubble ban?