David Cameron: I s**t at the TV over Brexit bus

David Cameron: I s**t at the TV over Brexit bus
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There have been plenty of revelations about David Cameron this week, from the time he questioned Michael Gove's sanity to when he got 'off his head' on dope at Eton. But Mr S thinks our former prime minister might have saved the best admission until now.

On ITV's This Morning, Cameron was talking about how he reacted when he saw the Vote Leave bus with its slogan suggesting £350m should be spent on the NHS instead of going to the EU. He told Holly and Phil:

“Believe me, I did more than.. I shat at the…Sorry, I shouted at the TV”

Of all the David Cameron revelations, the idea that he "shat at the TV" during the referendum has to be the best.

— Peter Saull (@petesaull) September 19, 2019

Mr. S feels sorry for whoever had to clean up the mess...

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