David Icke comes to Jeremy Corbyn’s defence

David Icke comes to Jeremy Corbyn's defence
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Jeremy Corbyn is not having a good day. A large number of Labour MPs are uniting against him over his stance on Syria, while the news that the Labour party has lifted its suspension of his aide Andrew Fisher has been met with hostility by Caroline Flint and Siobhain McDonagh.

With the knives out for the Labour leader, happily Corbyn can at least rely on the support of one man at this testing time. Step forward David Icke. Yes, the purple-tracksuit-wearing-lizard-conspiracist has tweeted his support for Corbyn, sharing a charming clip art picture urging him to 'stand by your principles'.

While Corbyn needs all the friends he can get right now, he may need to treat his new cheerleader with caution. After all, this is the same David Icke who went from being a sports broadcaster to a new age conspiracist after deciding that he was a 'son of the Godhead'. Icke now spends his days sharing his wisdom on the reptilian humanoids who secretly rule the world. Still, with Shadow Cabinet ministers threatening to resign over Corbyn's stance on Syria, perhaps it's time Corbyn gave Icke a call.

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