Peter Hoskin

David Miliband kicks off his “unity” leadership campaign

David Miliband kicks off his "unity" leadership campaign
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Surprise, surprise – David Miliband has just announced his candidacy for the Labour leadership, and there wasn't a banana in sight.  His address only lasted a few minutes, but it contained a number of hints about how, I suspect, he will look to run his campaign. 

The emphasis was on newness, natch – "a new era, new dangers, new possibilities, new opportunities" – but also on unity.  He praised the leadership of Gordon Brown; claimed he was looking forward to a "warm, generous and comradely" contest; and said that he would go on a tour of non-Labour constituencies to "listen" to the public. 

All of which was meant to reinforce one impression: that he would take Labour beyond the fierce tribalism of the Blair and Brown years.  Whether he'll be able to maintain that front, once his rivals enter the ring, is a different matter altogether.